Field Marshal 1.1

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Earlier this year I moved up from point-and-shoot digital cameras to my first DSLR and have been experimenting a lot with the extra control this affords. One of my favorite playgrounds so far is the realm of selective focus; using the depth of field to call attention to the main subject. I found myself wishing for a tool that would help me pick the right settings for what I wanted to achieve. Thus, Field Marshal. In its simplest mode it will tell you what kind of depth of field you’re going to get for a combination of focal length, aperture and distance. It also will calculate the necessary value for any of those three factors, given the other two and a desired depth.


Field Marshal should run on any iPhone OS 2.0 device or later.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Field Marshal, please send mail to with, preferably, a subject line that includes the name "Field Marshal."